Get Organized!

Your guide to speech and presentation organization.

Meet the Authors February 26, 2013

hannah cwic


Hannah Gann is a junior at Penn studying Urban Studies and Urban Education.  In addition to CWiC, she is a member of the varsity cheerleading team, the Community Schools Student Partnerships (CSSP) mentoring program, Sphinx Senior Society, and Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) at the Women’s Center.  Learning about organization has helped her craft more concise, focused speeches.  She hopes it will help you, too!





Laura Sorice is a freshman in the college of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Political Science and Urban Studies with a minor in Italian.  She is a member of the Parliamentary Debate Team, the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education, the Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity, and the Fellowship to Build Intercultural Communities, in addition to her position as a CWiC Advisor.  She is extremely excited to communicate with others about the importance of organization in speech and presentation making.  In the process of curating and synthesizing the information on this sight, she says she learned that without the proper organization and structure, even the greatest speaker cannot make an impact on an audience.  Furthermore, a well developed outline can change the way a nervous speaker needs to approach a presentation.




Xiaoyan Tan is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Communication and minoring in Consumer Psychology.  Aside from being a CWIC advisor, she is also an ambassador to Penn admissions’ Kite and Key Society, a member of Penn Chamber Music, and the social chair of Sigma Psi Zeta Asian-interest sorority.   She is thrilled to help others learn about the importance of organization in Speech making as being organized in speaking and in writing has enabled her to become more confident and logical in her arguments.



Casey Phillips

Casey Phillips is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying Mathematics and Classical Studies. In addition to working with CWiC, she is a member of the Penn Catholic Student Association, she hangs out with the coolest third grader in the world through a mentoring program called Penn Pals, and she LOVES singing and acting as a  member of Penn Singers. Learning more about organization has helped her become a more confident speaker. She values having a plan for her speeches and knows that it can help any speaker feel just as confident as it helps her feel.



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