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Learning about Organization February 26, 2013

What is organization?

Certain images might pop into your mind of what organization is.


File cabinets and spice racks might come to your mind because they have all the qualities we typically associate with organization: things are tidy, in their spot, and easy to find.

Concerning speeches, however, organization means more than just this.

Yes, your speeches should be tidy. As you explore this website, you will learn the importance of having an outline. Because the outline organizes your speech into introduction, body, and conclusion, the outline is the key factor in guaranteeing that your speeches are “tidy.”

And yes, your speeches should have “things in their spot.” As you learn about organization, you will learn about various structures of organization, which tell you where you should say which points.

And yes, of course, things in your speeches should be “easy to find.” What this means, in the context of speeches, is that your audience should be able to expect the order you present parts of your speech, just as you should expect where to find your lemon pepper from the spice rack.

So then how does organization mean more than these three elements? Because these three elements don’t explain WHY your speeches should contain these elements. Campbell and Huxman answer that our speeches need these elements because “Organization is a kind of argument.”

Organization takes careful preparation, which helps you think about the most resonant ways to express your ideas.  By thinking about your organization, you determine what are the most important points and how to repeatedly convey them with clarity.  Finally, taking the time to organize your speech will give you more confidence as a speaker.  It is completely normal for everyone to feel some anxiety before giving a speech, but knowing that you took the time to carefully think through and organize your thoughts in advance will help you feel more prepared and manage this anxiety.  For all these reasons, organization makes you a stronger, more persuasive speaker.

You will learn all about this and more by studying this web site carefully. First, follow the link here to learn how to organize your speeches!


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